Google has issued a significant warning to all users of Gemini AI, urging them, “Please don’t enter confidential…”

Gemini AI

Google recently revealed various enhancements to its generative AI-powered chatbot, such as rebranding it from Bard to Gemini, introducing a new Android app, and launching a new Ultra 1.0 language model. However, following this announcement, Google issued a strong caution to all Gemini users, advising them against sharing any confidential information with the chatbot.

Significantly, a support document published by Google disclosed that human reviewers examine certain conversations users hold with Gemini to “help with quality and improve our products”. While Google asserts that only a “subset” of conversations are forwarded to human reviewers and that any user-identifying information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, is removed in advance.

The support document dated February 8 states that “Please don’t enter confidential information in your conversations or any data you wouldn’t want a reviewer to see or Google to use to improve our products, services, and machine-learning technologies.”

the document further notes “If you want to use Gemini Apps without saving your conversations to your Google Account, you can turn off your Gemini Apps Activity. You can review your prompts or delete your conversations from your Gemini Apps Activity at”

While users have the option to disable their Gemini Apps activity, Google retains Gemini conversations for up to 72 hours “to help maintain and improve Gemini Apps”.

What kind of Gemini data does Google store and why?

Google gathers users’ conversations, location, feedback, and usage information during the usage of Gemini. However, additional information is collected when Gemini is configured as a mobile assistant to comprehend and respond to user queries.

Google clarifies that the reason behind collecting user data and says this data helps it “provide, improve, and develop Google products, services, and machine-learning technologies, like those that power Gemini Apps.”

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