Developers of ‘Halo Infinite’ destroyed piano to record game sounds

Halo Infinite

Washington [US], March 26 (Tech Announcement/ANI): American video game developing studio 343 Industries recently while detailing many aspects of the upcomingHalo Infinite game’s audio production, in a new blog revealed that they actually smashed a piano into pieces to record sound effects. According to The Verge, the audio team didn’t just use the piano as a target for various blunt instruments, instead before smashing it, they placed a subwoofer on the piano to use it as a resonator.

The developers said that after the piano was destroyed, they put dry ice on numerous pieces of the piano’s remains, “which yielded a large offering of singing, bellowing, screeching and everything in between.” The resultant sounds were spine-chilling. In addition to detailing the destruction of the piano, the blog further went in-depth about things like how some gunshot effects differ between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, the acoustic system that simulates how sound travels through the game’s environments, and how sound design differs between single-player and multiplayer.

As per The Verge, 343 also revealed that Halo Infinite will support the Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS Headphone:X virtual surround sound technologies, which will allow users to hear spatial audio even when wearing stereo headphones. (ANI)

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