Apple working on wrap-around display for Apple Watch with digital watch bands

Representative image. Image Credit: ANI

Apple is working on a new wrap-around display with digitally-customisable watch bands and a round display, according to a patent filed by the company recently. As per Mashable India, Apple has filed a new patent that shows the future of its wearable. According to the patent, the Apple Watch can potentially feature a wrap-around display with digital watch bands.

Currently, the Apple Watch has had more or less the same design since its launch. While the bezels have been trimmed and the internals are molding to user needs, the overall look of the wearable is still the same. The patent also highlighted a display that covers the entire length of the watch face as well as the band of the smartwatch. Apple also discussed what and how technology will be implemented.

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The patent showed a flexible display for the Apple Watch that goes around seamlessly. What this means is that the display will adjust according to the user’s wrist size. As per Apple, this will be made possible with the aid of “interconnects” that stretch from the front to the back surface of the smartwatch. The interconnects will connect to the LEDs which will allow for a seamless operation. In addition to this, Apple also stated that the design of the wrap-around Apple Watch will feature a “minimized” bezel or it could even come without it.

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There is one major advantage of an Apple watch with a wrap-around display – the ability to create customisable digital watch bands. Similar to how users customise watch faces on the Apple Watch, a flexible display that goes around a user’s wrist would act as a canvas to create digital watch bands. Apple is also working on foldable iPhones as other patents have revealed details on the foldable technology. (ANI)

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