Microsoft Office Launches New Tablet-Friendly Version App On IPad

Washington [US], February 16 (Tech Announcement/ANI): Microsoft has a treat for Apple users as it launched a new fully optimized tablet-friendly app for the iPadOS platform.

According to The Verge, Microsoft launched its unified Office mobile app for iOS and Android back in 2019 which combined Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single application. This new update came after users complained of the default window mode on iPad devices.

Henceforth, Microsoft has updated its unified Office mobile app for users to work on a comfortable interface on Apple’s iPad devices.

The Verge reported that this new update will have an access to all of the regular tablet variants of Microsoft’s productivity suite.

The application likewise packages in some valuable tools planned primarily for versatile undertakings. These incorporate the capacity to rapidly create PDFs or sign reports, converting pictures to text and tables, and more speedy activities.

Microsoft has been improving on its mobile-friendly Office contributions into this single application, however independent applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still accessible and updated regularly, as per The Verge.

Of late, while it took some time for the main Office application to be iPad-friendly, Microsoft has added numerous iPad-explicit features including mouse and trackpad to its Office applications. (ANI)

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