Google tests new Android feature ‘Guacamole’ – Tech Announcement

Hey Google

Google seems to be testing a new feature ‘Guacamole’ that would let its users stop alarms and answer calls on Android phone simply by saying “stop” with the users not needing to pick up your phone or even say “Hey Google”.

The Verge quoted a mysterious new setting called ‘Guacamole’ that has popped up in the Google app on Android 11 for some users. The outlet also sourced the information to Android Police and 9to5Google. However, users have not been able to turn on the feature yet. The new feature was found in users that have their phone updated to Android 11 and Google app version

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The Verge quoted 9to5Google’s sources stating the feature will specifically handle alarms, timers, and calls by letting users say ‘Stop’, ‘Snooze’, and ‘Answer/decline the call’ respectively.

Google has already introduced some features of ‘Guacamole’ into its Google Home/Nest Hub smart speakers and displays at Google I/O 2019. Its users have been able to simply say ‘stop’ to stop their alarms ringing.

“We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the overall experience with Google Assistant. We have no additional details to share at this time,Google told The Verge.

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