Android Beta Users Get New ‘Mute Video’ Feature On WhatsApp



Washington [US], February 8 (Tech Announcement/ANI): American cross-platform centralized messaging application WhatsApp is finally rolling out a new feature for its beta testers on Android where users would be able to mute videos before sending it a contact.

According to Mashable, WhatsApp is rolling out this feature for users having a beta build. It might also appear in a previous update but it’s very recommended to update to the latest beta update to enjoy the feature.

The option to mute the videos will be available on the “edit video” section on the app. This feature is great for times when you want to share the video with others but doesn’t want people to listen to the audio.

Earlier it wasn’t possible for users to test this feature even if they were on the beta program as it was under development. But now, Android beta users will be able to test out the feature given that the company has started rolling it out.

WhatsApp is constantly bringing out new features to better the overall user experience on its application. For instance, it has been reported that WhatsApp is working on a feature called “mention badge” for group chats.

As per Mashable, the news feature will come handy during group chats where you could use it to tag people within a group. Currently, the feature has been rolled out for a few beta testers only. (ANI)

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