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47107729.cmsInternet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword in the tech community but it is still jargon for others. At a webinar, Jyothi Bacche, GM, Mindtree, explained how IoT can simplify and change people’s lives. “We have moved into an era when it isn’t just the computer that can be connected to the internet, it is also household appliances, security systems, home heating & lighting and automobiles,” said Jyothi.

Some examples of emerging focus areas for tech solution providers, as per Jyothi:

1. Smart window blinds that know exactly when to go up or down based on whether you are sleeping or awake or which day of the week it is.

2. A smart coffee maker that can say, read the expression on your face and know how you are feeling and the kind of coffee you need.

3. A smart oven that has the intelligence to bake, say the chicken just like you want it, rare or medium rare.

4. A smart fridge that sends you an SMS telling you that you have exhausted your milk supply and you need to stop by the store in the evening

5. Preventive health maintenance, less congestion on roads and lesser accidents are some of the other uses of a connected world.

All this is triggered by IoT – an ecosystem of everyday physical objects connected to the internet and capable of identifying themselves and communicating with other objects in the network. But IoT is more than connecting things. It is about the machines sensing, perceiving, learning and relating the real world needs and then responding at the right time in the right context in the right fashion,” explained Jyothi. Sharing another example, Jyothi said: “Imagine your intelligent fridge sends you a SMS that milk is over in the middle of the day while you are at work which you are bound to find irritating. The timing of the SMS has to be such that it is around the time when you are driving home so it remains at the top of your mind”.

In bringing such intelligence within machines, the technology industry is hunting for IoT specialists. data shows that companies such as Dell, Intel and SAP Labs are currently looking for IoT engineers in India who have strong domain knowledge and hands-on experience in building connected devices. Jyothi also talked about technologies and tools that are becoming popular in the industry and are useful for budding technologists interested in IoT and who want to upskill themselves.

Some popular machine learning algorithms for IoT:

1. Neural networks for figuring out regularity in a data pattern

2. Data classification algorithms such as random forests and Bayseen classifiers

Streaming data tools

1. Kinesis from Amazon that enables process streaming data on the cloud

2. Algebird, a data streaming mining kit

3. Xmp, a real-time pattern recognition kit

4. Feature stream, a machine learning on streaming data

5. SAMOA, Yahoo’s distributed streaming machine learning framework.

Source: Economic Times

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