Tresa Motors has introduced its latest electric truck Model V0.2

MODEL V0.2 – Tresa Motors
MODEL V0.2 – Tresa Motors

Tresa Motors, a manufacturer specializing in electric trucks, has revealed its latest model, the V0.2. The new Tresa V0.2 is equipped with a 300kWh battery that can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes. With a robust 24,000Nm motor, this electric truck can achieve a top speed of 120kmph.

Tresa is set to test India’s first and global industry-leading centralized computing unit (CCU), with its V0.2, alongside an advanced telemetry system. The vehicle also features an 800V modular battery pack with an in-house battery management system, a new central steering system, and a pioneering heat pump for cooling, including cabin air-conditioning.

The majority of modern vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs), rely on multiple electronic control units (ECUs) to manage their various subsystems.

Tresa is integrating its ECUs within a zonal architecture, where the primary load is handled by its NVIDIA GPU-powered CCU. This CCU is specifically engineered to manage the bulk of control, AI, and telematics tasks. The telematics systems will continuously stream data from over 500 monitoring points to the cloud for ongoing analysis of performance, safety, and efficiency.

The latest V0.2 electric truck features a fresh central steering configuration and an air-suspended seat, with customizable body options available.

“We are excited to announce the launch of V0.2. Built on our ‘Delta-Engineering’ philosophy, the V0.2 is a major internal release where we get to test and monitor all of our components on the road,” said Rohan Shravan, CEO, Tresa Motors.

“Our dream is to become the most efficient EV in the world, and the capability to understand power consumption at the sub-system level is the key to achieving our goal. This is also where we feel that we can optimize our heat pump and make it our key IP along with our motor and battery,” he added.

Tresa’s electric trucks are constructed using the Axial Flux Motor platform, Flux 350. They are claimed to have the world’s first 800V 50kWh self-contained battery pack module, Meg50.

Tresa recently bagged a pre-order for 1,000 electric trucks from logistics firm JFK Transporters.

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