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Twitter’s paid service Twitter Blue confirmed, here’s how much it will cost


Twitter has been rumoured to roll out a paid subscription service called ‘Twitter Blue‘. It has now been confirmed by the social media platform itself through its app page in the iOS App Store. Twitter Blue will be priced at USD 2.29 per month in the US.

As per Mashable, it has been over a week since app analyst and reverse engineering ace Jane Manchun Wong revealed that Twitter has been working on a paid service that offers a premium set of features.

Now, Twitter Blue has officially arrived on iOS and has been priced exactly what Wong had said it would.

The Twitter app’s listing on the App Store now also mentions a new in-app purchase, which confirms the existence of the subscription service. That said, the listing doesn’t delve any information on ‘Blue’ just yet.

There are quite a few new capabilities available through the paid service. For starters, Wong revealed through a tweet that Twitter Blue offers a choice of different coloured themes and custom icons to choose from.

As you would assume, switching to a different colour changes the app’s accent colour to yellow, orange, red, and green, with purple as the default. Custom icons are also available in purple, pink, green, black, orange, blue, and another icon with what looks like smudges of blue and purple.

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It will also offer a handful of features that include the ability to undo tweets. There’s also ‘Reader Mode’ baked in which would presumably work as a thread unfurler for those longish tweetstorms. This feature isn’t available just yet though and could be something that will be made available to users later.

Twitter Blue will also give paying users access to other exclusive features, including better tools for organising bookmarks and an “undo” button that makes it possible to recall tweets within a certain timeframe.

Some of the alleged options appeared on a Twitter survey conducted in summer 2020, which asked users about which app features they’d be willing to pay for.

Wong had also mentioned earlier that the Twitter team isn’t looking at just one paid tier. There will be more tiers too, with the higher tiers offering more features. (ANI)

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