Reddit introduces new feature to make comments searchable

Reddit has announced a new feature that gives users the ability to search comments, alongside a few other search-related features.

According to Tech Crunch, the new feature helps users in searching for comments directly via a new ‘comments’ tab in the search bar, rather than having to click on several comments to find threads while looking for a particular conversation. As per Reddit’s surveys conducted last year, the ‘comment search’ feature was one of the top requested ones.

While testing the new feature, more than 26,000 people used the new feature to scan through more than five billion comments.

“With this latest update, for the first time in sixteen years everything on Reddit is now searchable – users, posts, communities, and now comments – making Reddit one of the first platforms with this capability,” Reddit said in a blog post.

As per MacRumors, the social media app says it has also improved search relevance on the platform. Previously, the user’s query had to exactly match the results, but now it’s less restrictive, and 100% of a query doesn’t need to match the text to return relevant results. In tests, Reddit says its changes led to a 60% increase in results.

“If someone wants to find a thread about the best locations in London, previously they would have to look through each post in the r/London community, browsing the comments to find it. Now, they can easily see all the different recommendations on the best places for high tea that people have shared in comments,” added Reddit.

The ‘comment search’ feature can be accessed by heading to the home feed, clicking within the search bar, and conducting a search. (ANI)

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