iOS 15 may remove lens flare from photos

iOS 15

The latest version of Apple’s iOS 15 beta seems to be working on making subtle improvements to photos by processing out the green lens flares that can show up in outdoor pictures.

As per Mashable, in the latest beta of iOS 15, it’s been discovered that the build will automatically remove lens flare from photos.

iOS 15 is expected to greatly improve how users take photos with their iPhones. While the camera hardware plays a serious role, Apple’s on-device image processing is completed by Image Signal Processing.

The processing will now do its part to get rid of the lens flare from photos on iOS 15. What this suggests is that Apple is functioning on improving the processing performance of iOS 15 which can have a serious impact on the ultimate result.

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The new change was first spotted on Reddit and shared by the iPhone camera app Halide on Twitter. Two images were compared side by side, revealing the post-processing photo on the newest beta.

This is something that Apple has not highlighted on stage when it first debuted iOS 15 at its WWDC 2021 event.

iOS 15 remains within the beta phase and we can expect more changes and enhancements to follow aside from lens flare within the coming days. iOS 15 is going to be available to the public later this year after the company announces its new iPhone 13 series. (ANI)

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