Instagram rolls out ‘food order’ sticker to support small businesses in India

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Washington DC [USA], June 8 (ANI): Instagram has announced that it would be rolling out the food order sticker in India in order to support small businesses.

The new sticker will help smaller businesses which are part of the food industry to stay in touch with their customers and allow them to support their favourite businesses, Mashable reported.

This feature was introduced in US and Canada in April this year and now it is all set to be introduced to Indian users.

As soon as a user will tap on the sticker, he/she will be redirected to Swiggy and Zomato where they can complete their order.

As per a report in Mashable, businesses can also feature stickers that direct people to a fundraiser built on Facebook.

The new food orders sticker is a part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to safeguard and support small businesses during COVID-19.

Earlier this month, Instagram had also launched the Support Small Business sticker to help businesses reach new customers. (ANI)


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