Google Play Store Now Shows App Download Trends – Tech Announcement

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Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): American multinational technology company Google has now added a new feature on the Google Play app store which will allow the users to know whether an app is trending or not.

According to Mashable, the Google app store trends are now being represented by an upward-moving or a downward moving arrow. This arrow looks somewhat similar to the icon denoting the rise or fall of stock prices in markets.

The new icons will now appear next to the apps under Google Play Store’s top charts list. Although the list is already arranged in descending order, the new icons indicate whether it would stay in the same position for longer or not.

The apps on the list that are not represented by any icons to their left probably indicate that these apps are not witnessing any change in their trends. Although these new icons are quite self-explanatory, Google is yet to officially talk about them on any of its communication channels.
As per Mashable, since this is a server-side update, users don’t need to do anything on their own. The availability of ‘trending’ icons can be checked by simply opening the Google Play Store app and tapping on the top charts tab.

The Google Play Store does not give any details over the exact number of downloads other than plain lists such as top free apps, top paid apps, and so on. Notably, as the top free app list is updated almost every day, the new icons also do not reveal exactly how many slots the app has moved up or down from its position. (ANI)

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