Google Photos rolls out new tool to remove blurry photos, save drive storage

Google Photos
Google Photos

Tech giant Google’s personalised photo gallery ‘Google Photos’ has introduced a new tool to remove blurry photos and save drive storage.

According to Mashable, Google Photos is due for a policy change starting June 1 that will lead to no more free, unlimited storage for ‘high quality’ photos. The existing ‘high quality’ compressed photos and videos are exempt from this change and will not count towards the 15GB default storage that comes with a Google account. However, the new ‘high quality’ photos and uncompressed ‘Original’ ones will count towards a user’s storage once the policy gets implied.

As reported by Mashable, the tech company is doing its bit to help users by fulfilling a promise made during the original policy change announcement. Google has now added a weeding tool to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff stocking up the storage.

As per a new blog post, Google said “Today, we are starting to roll out a tool in the Photos app to help you easily manage the photos and videos you’ve backed up that count toward your storage quota”.

“The storage management tool surfaces photos or videos you might want to delete – like blurry photos, screenshots and large videos – so you can get the most out of your storage.”

As is the case with Google’s new feature additions, the roll-out of this feature is phased and might take a bit of time to reach everyone, but once it does show up, a user will be able to access it by following these steps: First, click on your account icon in the top right corner of the ‘Library’ section, then, head over to ‘Account storage’ and tap ‘manage storage’.

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After following these steps one should be able to see new sections including ‘blurry photos’, which will then take a user to a grid of the snaps in their collection that are afflicted with motion blur.

Alongside the new tool, Google Photos also stated in its blog post that it will soon be renaming its ‘high quality’ storage tier to ‘Storage saver’.

Per Mashable, there will still be two sizes of storage to choose from for Google Photos, but these will now be called ‘Storage saver’ and ‘Original’. (ANI)

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