Google Phone app can now announce who is calling

Google Phone App

Google is rolling out a new feature for its Phone app that will announce the name and number of any incoming calls.

As per The Verge, with the new feature, a user can set whether they want the app to announce caller ID every time the phone rings, only when they are wearing a headset, or never.

Currently, the Pixel phone owners in the US have received the automatic Call Screen feature, and other countries will get the new update soon.

To enable the new feature, open Google Phone, go to Settings, and then Caller ID announcement. The ‘Announce caller ID’ is disabled by default but a user can choose between ‘Always’, ‘Only when using a headset’, or ‘Never’.

iOS has had a feature like this for some time, and it seems like Google’s version for the Phone app works similarly to Apple’s implementation. Caller ID announcements are a great accessibility feature, allowing people with visual disabilities to more easily know who is calling them. (ANI)

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