Google Annual Event 2022

Google gives a brief overview of Google I/O Event 2022

Google Annual Event 2022
Google I/O (Image source: Twitter)

Google I/O event is scheduled to kick off in about two weeks, and while details are not known in entirety, Google has provided a brief overview of the schedule on its website.

Although the annual event is dedicated to developers working with the Android ecosystem, it is often expected to have some exciting announcements regarding Google’s hardware or its future products.

It won’t be surprising in case the Google I/O event kicks off with the big keynote on the first day, where Google could potentially unveil all the new stuff it has been working on. A schedule of the keynote is published that gives a slight idea of what to expect from the event.

According to GSM Arena, the event will kick off with Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, who should give a rundown of the company’s future plans, green projects and privacy.

A variety of topics are expected to be put out including Firebase, Flutter, Web, AR, Google Play, Chrome OS, Google Home, and finally Google Pay.

Coming to day 2, a more in-depth breakdown and discussion around those topics are expected to be conducted.

People are expecting some exciting announcements of the Pixel Watch and a budget Pixel 6a smartphone.

Also, some new Google Assistant features and improvements await along with smart speakers for homes. Google I/O is scheduled to start on May 11 and continue through May 12. (ANI)

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