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Facebook Enables Sharing ‘Stories’ Feature With Public

San Fransisco: Months after its global launch in March, Facebook ‘Stories’ that you could only share with friends have now been unlocked for the public. Facebook Stores Enables

Social media researcher Carlos Gil was the first to point out the feature, TechCrunch reported on Monday. “This is something we rolled out a few weeks ago. The ‘Public’ setting allows your ‘Followers’ to see your story, in addition to your ‘Friends, ” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying.

This feature is similar to Snapchat and Instagram’s stories and can be modified by tapping the ‘more’ button on the top right. This also could possibly put an end to Snapchat’s reign.

The social media giant currently has over 2 billion users across the globe. Instagram, also owned by Facebook, has 250 million users who use the ‘Stories’ feature.

– – IANS

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