COVID-19: Amazon Web Services brings online learning for students

Amazon Web Services
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Washington D.C. [USA], April 28 (ANI): As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus pandemic, Israel’s Ministry of Education has joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and education technology companies to provide continuity of learning for 1.8 million students.

“Together, AWS, the Israel Center of Education Technology (CET), Lnet, and Kaltura enabled preschool through high school students to access live-streamed classes while schools are closed,” read a statement on AWS media blog.

CET delivers content for students from class One to Six, while Lnet and Kaltura support preschoolers and class from seventh to twelfth.

“CET turned to AWS to help develop a remote learning solution that could increase access for students across the country’s major broadcast channels,” the statement further read.

“Working with AWS teams 24×7 and leveraging AWS expertise in media, networking, security, and analytics, we were able to deliver a solution in this extraordinary time,” said Haim Hershko Yavor, CIO of CET.

AWS has also expanded access to its suite of tools to support remote learning and teaching. (ANI)

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