Samsung introduces the Galaxy A9, the world’s first quad-camera smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A9

On Thursday at its Galaxy Event, Samsung announced the Galaxy A9, a smartphone with four rear cameras designed for explorers, adventurers, and phone photographers.

Just three weeks after Samsung revealed the Galaxy A7 with its triple rear camera, it’s already been outshone. The star innovation of the Galaxy A9 that was revealed Thursday in Malaysia is without a doubt its rear quad camera, an industry first. All these lenses provide you with a wide range of image capture capabilities — from taking clear ultra-close pics to long-distance shots in low-light.

Those detailed up-close photos are made possible with 2x Optical Zoom through the Telephoto Lens — the only lens not present on the rear of the A7. Even if you’re capturing something far away, this zoom function is able to bring it into focus.

Samsung brings The Ultra Wide Lens from the A7 to the A9, both of which are equipped with an AI-powered Scene Optimizer that can detect the subject you’re capturing and modify the settings to bring you the best photo in a wide variety of situations.

For a professional-style portrait look, the Depth Lens lets you manually adjust each photo’s depth of field.Galaxy A9Lastly, the 24MP Main Lens, the same one used in the A7, is the one that will help you achieve beautiful pictures no matter the lighting situation. Whether you’re trying to capture something in bright or low light conditions, the Lens adjusts accordingly to bring your subject into focus.

The phone’s 6.3-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display will show off your professional-grade photos with 1080 x 2220 resolution which you can admire for hours on end with the 3,800mAh battery life. You will have at least 6GB of RAM (depending on market), 128GB of storage with up to 512GB of additional memory by means of a MicroSD slot. No Pie will be in this model just yet as it’s using Android 8.0 Oreo. The Galaxy A9 will come in Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink gradient color options, as well as a more classic Caviar Black.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 is set to be available sometime in November and will go for €599 in Europe, while the Galaxy A7 is already available for €350. Prices for the A9 for the US are yet to be announced.

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