Key features and shortcoming of Motorola Razr

Mobile geeks and the tech savvy consumers have had an eventful week as the release date of Motorola Razr did the market rounds. According to the company, it marks the return of their trademark ‘flip’ phone with the latest hardware and technology.

Motorola Razr
Motorola Razr (Image source:


Display: 6.2 inch [876×2142 pixels]
Camera: 16MP [Back] with Dual LED flash, 5MP [Front]
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
RAM and Storage: 6GB, 128GB
OS: Android 9.0 Pie

However, our experts looked at the technical specifications and here are the top positive and negative points that are set to influence the Razr’s market sale:-


Hello, foldable generation

Undoubtedly, the Razr’s design enhances its uniqueness in the mobile market as only Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X have tried a similar experiment before. However, the phone’s history of being a flagship mobile in the early days (2004)could attract the old consumers and design fans to the upgraded version.

Front glass screen

The 2.7-inch screen at the front lets the user control music and reply to texts via Google Assistant. This is a step forward from the basic notifications display.

Size and weight

Comparing Motorola Razr and Samsung Fold, the former is lighter, compact, and most importantly, does not have a ‘crease’ at the fold junction. The pocket-friendly phone weighs 205g in comparison to Samsung’s 300g Fold.

Splash Proof

Motorola revealed that the Razr comes with a nanocoating on the outside as well as inside that will protect the internal circuitry from water damage.

Reportedly, Motorola Razr has launched at a whopping $1,500 in the market (roughly Rs1,00,000). It will be interesting to how the mobile justifies the investment quotient when it is available for full-day testing.


No earphone jack

Following the slim design, Motorola has eliminated the 3.5mm jack, which could be a drawback for users with wired earphones. A 3.5mm to Type-C connector or wireless Bluetooth earphones will be required to enjoy the music and phone calls on the go

How many folds?

While the company has banked the phone on its design, it will be interesting to see the ‘fold threshold’ of the Razr. Motorola has not revealed the fold-unfold count that the phone experienced before suspected damage during the stress test.

Gamers and their doubts

In an age where Rs 10,000 phones are powered by a 4000mAh battery, Motorola Razr has only 2,510mAh. Combine that with the foldable screen, it is expected to impact the gamer section of the consumer base despite the RAM-processor combination. Keeping in mind the foldable screen, battery division, and camera operation, the user’s review on the daily usage could be hit or miss.

No Dual-SIM

Motorola decided to go for a single SIM phone in a time where users prefer to use dedicated networks for calling and internet respectively. This is nothing short of a gamble.


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