PlayStation VR2 headset

Sony reveals details about PlayStation VR2 headset

PlayStation VR2 headsetSony disclosed details on the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset, beginning with the fundamentals of how users would set up their play area. It also provided some choices for streaming and viewing non-VR material.

According to GSM Arena, the first feature is a See-Through View, which enables you to look around without removing your headset.

The function button on the headset or a card in the Control Center will give you access to this. There won’t be a recording option; this is just to assist you to get settled in your own room and perhaps picking up anything, like the controllers.

The play area will likewise be set up using this transparent view. Your room will be mapped by the headset, and you can use the controller to draw a border around it. You will be alerted by the system if you approach the border.

You can overlay a live video of yourself playing the game using a green screen and a PS5 HD Camera (USD60), making a fairly straightforward streaming setup.

Lastly, some technical information on the PlayStation VR2’s rendering of VR and non-VR content. 4,000 x 2,040 pixels (2,000 x 2,040 pixels each eye) of HDR video content will be produced in VR mode at 90Hz or 120Hz. In contrast, the first PSVR only featured 960 x 1,080 pixels for each eye.

All non-VR content, including standard video games and movies, will be displayed on a sizable virtual screen. The video content will be sent at 24, 60, or 120 Hz in a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.]

Sony end of its post and said that “We’ll reveal more details shortly, including launch date and other games coming to the platform.” (ANI)

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