Gizmore T1000 Pro Speaker: The ideal compromise between portability and sound quality

Demand for home audio products such as party speakers have seen an increase in the post-pandemic world with people returning to hosting home parties where they invite their friends, order food, and dance to their favourite music. For these house parties, having a good speaker is a must. The Gizmore T1000 Pro offers a great fit for any house or garden party setup because it has practically everything you could want in a portable party speaker while still being a great value.

Gizmore T1000 Pro Speaker

The speaker, which appears to be bulky at first glance is nevertheless, quite light and easy to transport. Furthermore, the designers have made certain that there are no compromises in terms of construction quality. The top has a handle, which is a wonderful touch and adds to the portability factor.

It’s very easy to transport the Gizmore T 1000 Pro from one location to another. All of the settings and charging connectors are located on the underside of the speaker, which is a nice touch.

Play, pause, scan, pair, volume level, and previous track are among the built-in controls. All of the controls are properly labelled and simple to operate. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, there’s also an AUX input and a USB port.

The Gizmore T1000 Pro comes with an 8-inch subwoofer driver and delivers great sound quality and the bass is thumpy. It offers a truly rich audio experience. Another important aspect of the Gizmore T000 Pro is that it also adds to the visual ambience through the built-in Glow LED light.

It is a very nice touch and goes well with the party lighting. There is also an option to control the ECHO.

For those who prefer karaoke nights, the Gizmore T 1000 Pro speaker incorporates a microphone. It’s quite easy to connect the microphone to the speaker and get started. When it comes to battery life, once completely charged, these party speakers can play music for up to four hours.

Priced at a MOP of Rs 2,699, the Gizmore T 1000 Pro makes an excellent value for money offer. They are available at all retail outlets, as well as on Reliance Digital stores and, as well as other online sites. (ANI)

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