Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security is a lucrative career in 2020

Cyber Security
For the person with right set of skills, the jobs in the field offer an average salary of Rs 10 lac per annum

No one is unaware of hacking groups such as Anonymous that have managed to orchestrate online attacks leading to company bankruptcy situations and even threatening national security. This speaks volumes about the dependence of corporate and people on digital data and its vulnerabilities. Following this, cyber security has advanced as a career field in the recent years, especially in India. Here are three reasons why the future crop of IT sector must explore cybersecurity as a career option:-

Rising role of technology

The next smart watch cannot be developed without harnessing and analyzing the customer’s data from the previous version. Companies in India, indigenous or foreign, are increasingly depending on data for their development, in terms of product as well as services. Hence, the cyber network of companies is only going to increase in the upcoming years.

Commercial need of security

Living in the age of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, and its applications, data and information become the new definition of currency. However, this highlights the rising need of strong security structures required by the companies that handle bulk user data for optimum performance. With the recent incident of Pegasus hacking WhatsApp, cybersecurity is a lucrative career option as the need for security rises with the increasing digitization of the world.

Jobs and Packages

In India, cybersecurity is still in its nascent stage as the country does not have an abundance of experts. Due to this, the job roles of a security consultant, framework architect, information security expert, or ethical hacker are subject to annual salary packages ranging between Rs 8 Lac to Rs 12 Lac. With the right certification course and knowledge, an individual can head their own security team within 5 to 7 years.


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