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Siemens introduces industrial 5G router Scalance MUM856-1

Adani Siemens

Siemens recently announced the launch of its new industrial 5G router. The Scalance MUM856-1 will connect industrial applications to public 5G, 4G and 3G networks. The launch coincides with the growing demand for digital solutions to address issues in production processes by business.

The router will facilitate remote monitoring and servicing of plants, machinery and other industrial devices in real-time. It is also designed to be modular, which means that any future upgrades can be added to it with minimum hassle. Such a device will be a great addition to India’s digitalization efforts. As sectors like the datacenter industry witness the entry of players like Airtel, Reliance and Adani, Siemens’ new device fits in perfectly with India’s efforts to revolutionize its economy.

If devices like Scalance MUM856-1 are adopted in India, they will require an infrastructure capable of handling massive data load. The developing datacenter sector will play a crucial role in providing critical support to 5G networks as and when they are introduced. Interestingly, Siemens already has a significant presence in the datacenter industry – it currently maintains and operates NxtGen’s datacenter in Bangalore. There are on-going talks for the installation of 15 new centers in the next 2-3 years, which bodes well for players like Nxtra, Huawei, Adani, Siemens and Equinix.

The growing trend of IoT devices and internet in India has resulted in a booming datacenter sector. 5G, while still in its nascent stage in India, has a huge potential to propel the growing economy. Especially with the economy on the road to recovery after the pandemic, the adoption of 5G technology and digitalization will open new doors and opportunities.

The Adani Group, which recently partnered with EdgeConneX, was the latest entrant in the promising industry. The joint-venture will set up datacenters across the country and will be designed with modularity in mind. These sites will also run on renewable energy to decrease the carbon footprint.

The need for data localization has driven the datacenter industry forward, paving the way for players like Bridge DC, Colt DCS and Adani. Siemens, Cummins, L&T and other infrastructure support providers also stand to gain from the resulting expansion. As things stand presently, the datacenter industry is all set to become one of India’s most thriving sectors and drive the country’s economic growth.

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