Panga here to replace TikTok – Tech Announcement

PangaLudhiana (Punjab) [India] July 7 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Centered around music, home-grown social-media app ‘Panga’ is ready to fill the vacuum created in India as a result of TikTok’s recent ban. Within a week of its launch, Panga has gained over 100,000 active users.

It is about time for India to have its own social network, as the vast majority of Indian users interact only with other users within the country.

The hugely popular TikTok is officially banned on both Android and iOS platforms, along with numerous other Chinese apps, as it raised national security concerns.

Panga’s founders believe it makes no sense to share valuable user data with a foreign country, especially one with contentious relationships. Not only is Panga designed & developed in India, but all the data is hosted within the country’s local servers.

Although other Indian-made social networks are also available, Panga outshines all its competitors with its unique feature set. The distinctive collection of filters is sure to bring a smile on your face. Using the latest facing-recognition & augmented reality technology, these filters create some amusing distortions.

While other apps force content creators to make money by securing outside sponsorships, Panga offers its users an opportunity to make money through in-app competitions. One feature that stands out is “Contests”, where Panga takes gamification to new heights.

Daily contests are launched on various hashtags & songs, offering cash prizes up to Rs 1 lakh. In doing so, Panga provides a direct monetization opportunity for content creators.

The company is planning to pay-out over Rs 1 crore in contest awards within the first month. Social networks inherently foster indirect competition amongst users for validation, approval & acceptance. Why not compete for money as well? Panga might be on-to-something.


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