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In today’s world technology is an important part of our society and we need to upgrade over skills for this daily changing environment. As we know there are so many courses and tech fields where students are so interested in making their careers and various institution and tech-based company provide special courses and internship programs for the students. we talk about some courses and tech companies’ programs. The world is changing and online learning is created a huge opportunity for students to grow their interest in new courses.

Some online learning course platforms which you get to learn Data Science Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Software Development, Full-stack development, etc. These skills are so valuable in the future when technology is growing very fast. also, some companies want a good skill set and provide internship programs for students.

Some online company

Google digital garage: it is a program run by Google that provides free and paid courses for students where you learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, basic HTML and coding online marketing video editing, etc. this program is running since 2015 by google to improve their digital skills.

  1. Google skill shop: another program that provides free course google analytics courses, YouTube video-making, android learning, etc. this is a great program to learn new skills.
  2. Upskilled: upskilled is an online platform that provides 50+ such as Web Developer, Cyber Security, Information Technology, etc. the company provides an internship program for students it is good to upskill your skills.
  3. Upgrade: this is also one of the biggest online learning platforms that provide Free and paid courses for its students. it is one of the largest tech learning platforms in India. it also provides placement and job opportunities to all students.
  4. Hubspot: Hubspot academy is one-off the largest that provide free and paid course for their student and it is the largest and great learning platform.
  5. Codecademy: it is a really good website to learn coding and python programmers can earn 10000 dollars per month many companies demand a programmer for their project programming used almost to develop desktop applications.

Students join so many internships program and work with so many companies to improve their skills. online learning plays an important part of their life it provides so many great opportunities and skills. The demand in this industry changes rapidly so you must upgrade yourself and learn new things daily from online learning

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