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How Can You Outrank Larger Websites for Keywords That Have Lots of Competition?

The following are some of the most important questions to ask:

Does the Page Copy Have Any Relevance to the User Experience?

Make sure that:

1.Images demonstrate how to apply the product’s instructions.

The content provides an explanation of when and how to use the product or service, as well as the advantages of using the product or service, and so on. Does the material make it abundantly apparent that the solution shown on the website, whether a product or service, is the best option?

The Frequently Asked Questions on your website provide responses to particular inquiries regarding the product or service.

2. Is There Schema Information That Is Useful for This Page?

Keep an eye out for any opportunity to utilise…


In addition to the type.



Video object.


Consider the following examples of successful schema implementations as sources of motivation.

3. In comparison to the rest of your website, how many internal links does this particular product page have?

In the event that you do not have a crawler that can readily locate this, the Google Search Console provides a report for it SEO company in delhi.

If it is not among the top 10 or 15 pages in terms of the number of internal links, then you need to start developing some. However, you should make sure that the internal links are there to help the client and not merely for the purpose of improving your website’s search engine optimization.

It is possible to construct internal connections from the category pages.

Blog posts.

Other product pages also available.


For more information, please refer to Internal Link Structure Best Practices to Boost Your SEO.

4. Where did the competitor get their backlinks and how did they get them? Can you do the same thing?

It may include things like advertising, PR pitches, thought leadership pieces, and so on.
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Backlinks are simple to get, and this includes links from big publications. To get them, you need to put in the necessary amount of effort.

Get started with link building for SEO right now by downloading this comprehensive guide.

5. Have You Done Influencer Campaigns?

If you want to generate some confidence in your product, it would be helpful if you could include comments or quotes from qualified professionals on your website.

It is possible to construct and develop an effective influencer marketing plan with the assistance of several technologies. Raj Nijjer gives some useful insights here.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Based on what you’ve said, it seems as if you’re considering factors that have either not yet been included as ranking signals or have never been used. Instead, you should make an effort to concentrate on the things that you are able to perform and that are within your control.

Look at the elements that are used as ranking signals and figure out how you can enhance them, which will also make the experience better for the person who is now viewing the page. This is of the utmost importance.

In a nutshell, Google will prioritise the result that provides the searcher with the most relevant and useful information. You need to demonstrate to Google that the content on your website is the most relevant response in every respect.

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