Can you be an entrepreneur? Take this quiz to know

can-you-be-an-entrepreneur-take-this-quiz-to-knowTake this personality quiz to find out if you have the right traits to be an entrepreneur or are likely to be better at managing a franchise or sticking to a salaried job.

If you are forced to cancel a dinner with a friend, how would you justify it?

A) I will make it up to the friend with a better dinner at a later date.

B) We can always meet some other time.

C) The friend will understand. I Should not stress about it.

At Any Given point during the day, you are:

A) Handling three to four different things at a time.

B) Tackling a couple of things but mostly Delegating to others.

C) Doing one thing to the best of your ability.

What do you do if you get an unexpected bonus at work?

A) You save a big chunk and spend sparingly.

B) You save and spend in equal proportion.

C) You splurge on the expensive gadget you would not have bought other wise.

How do you plan your vacation?

A) You go when and where the urge takes you.

B) You Typically go through your agent, but sometimes take impromptu trips.

C) All bookings are done well in advance and you are packed two days before the trip.

You are asked to complete a task with precise instructions. What do you do?

A) You toss aside the instructions and find a shorter, better way to complete the task.

B) You follow the instructions, but improvise in places.

C) You follow the instructions to the T.

You work very hard for a project but it fails. How do you react?

A) You feel bad, but get busy with the next project quickly.

B) You brood over it for days, but Eventually get back on track.

C) You just can not shake off the depression.

You find a glitch in a gadget thatmakes it inefficient. What do you do?

A) You Constantly dream about how you can correct the glitch and -improvesleep the product.

B) You use it for a while, but then look for a better product in the market.

C) Dump the gadget and do not give it a second thought

What is your track record with paying your bills?

A) You always pay all your bills on time.

B) You mostly pay on time, but there’s an occasional lapse.

C) You almost always breach the due date for payment.

How do you make most of your Decisions?

A) You think through the issue from every perspective before arriving at a decision.

B) You consult various people before taking a decision.

C) They are mostly intuitive and instinctive.

Which do you find more appealing?

A) Going to a party with lots of friends.

B) Staying at home but occasionally partying.

C) Spending time alone or with few friends.


What are you waiting for? Get ready to set up your venture Because You are equipped with the mindset and personality of an entrepreneur. You have the vision, courage, focus and willingness to take charge of a business and are bound to make it a success.


While you have the drive to run an outfit, you lack focus and risk-taking ability. You need support to carry you through a project. So it’s advisable not to start an enterprise and, instead, manage a franchise or be in a salaried job.


You are certainly not cut out to be an entrepreneur or even manage a franchise Because You are too risk-averse and not too careful with money management. You usefull lack commitment and soaring ambition, All which are critical for a start-up.

Out of the box

Entrepreneurs are dreamers Typically, with a vision, and have a knack of seeing thingsthat others do not. This is essential to find unique solutions to obstacles they ‘are likely to face in Their set-up.


They are completely focused On Their work and eventhough they ‘are challenged by problems and Their patience tested, they’ are single-minded about reaching Their goals.


They tackle various tasks simultaneously and it stands them in good stead as they ‘are likely to do it all in a startup, from accounting to client servicing, at least in the initial years.

Money manager

To handle money wisely is critical, the reason most entrepreneurs are not spendthrifts or impulsive spenders. They care how they ‘fully intend save and invest Their money.


They are good at taking calculated To risks and are comfortable with uncertainty,-which is a hallmark of a start-up. They are resilient and good at Adapting To Change. This is important to get over setbacks.

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